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December 8, 2021

New ADAI Report: Dramatic Increases in Opioid Overdose Deaths Due to Fentanyl Among Young People in WA

Graph showing increases in overdose deaths

Use of illicitly manufactured fentanyl has had an outsized impact on overdose deaths in Washington State, according to a new report from ADAI/UW Psychiatry research scientists Caleb Banta-Green and Jason Williams. Fentanyl use and overdose deaths appear to mostly affect these populations: young adults inexperienced with opioid use young adults with rapid onset opioid use…

November 30, 2021

New Report: WA State Project to Prevent Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose: Final Report on Naloxone Distribution

Stack of 3 binders with New ADAI Report on the spines

The Washington State Project to Prevent Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose (WA-PDO) was a five-year project supported by the WA State Health Care Authority/Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery with funds from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The goal of the project was to prevent opioid overdose in WA State by building a statewide…

October 21, 2021

New Report: Perspectives of People Who Use Methamphetamine on Reducing or Stopping Their Use

Stack of 3 binders with New ADAI Report on the spines

In spring 2021, Sierra Teadt, MPH(c) and Alison Newman, MPH interviewed 27 syringe services program participants who use methamphetamine. They learned more about why people use, their interest in reducing or stopping their methamphetamine use, and what services might help them improve their health and quality of life. The interviews revealed that most participants saw…

August 6, 2021

Cannabis Sales in WA, OR, AK, and CO Increase During COVID-19 Pandemic

Open glass jars of cannabis against blue background

Cannabis sales in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington increased more during the COVID-19 pandemic than in the previous two years, according to this new study in the International Journal of Drug Policy from ADAI research scientist Gillian Schauer and colleagues – the first study to document changes in U.S. cannabis sales data during the pandemic….

June 22, 2021

New ADAI Research Briefs Related to Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: Group Counseling and Supporting Adolescents

Image of shelves of books with journal on table and words Research Brief

ADAI Research Scientists K. Michelle Peavy and Caleb Banta-Green recently completed two new ADAI Research Briefs, both related to treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD). Group Counseling for People in Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder This brief looks at how group counseling can be adapted to work with OUD treatment models where medications play…

May 26, 2021

New Study: Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder Underused in Washington State

Two bottles of buprenorphine and naloxone medication

Opioid use disorder (OUD) is a major concern in the United States. Treatment medications like methadone and buprenorphine have been found to be effective at improving functioning and reducing deaths, with longer treatment periods leading to better outcomes for health issues, quality of life, employment, and more. Because people do better when they stay on…

May 4, 2021

Learn About Opioid and Stimulant Use in Two New ADAI Briefs

Image of shelves of books with journal on table and words Research Brief

ADAI recently published two new research briefs, both about opioid and stimulant use, and both written by ADAI researchers K. Michelle Peavy, PhD, Caleb Banta-Green, PhD, MPH, MSW, and Mandy Owens, PhD. Opioids and Stimulants: What Are They and How Are People Using Them? This 9-page report: examines the combined opioid/stimulant picture; reviews opioid and…

March 30, 2021

The Potential Role of “Budtenders” in Responsible Use Education with Adult Cannabis Consumers

Budtender weighing out amount of cannabis

Cannabis legalization in Washington State dramatically increased the availability, use, and potency of cannabis products for adults 21 and older. Public health education promoting safe use for adult consumers has lagged behind these trends. Cannabis retail workers (“budtenders”) help customers select products and are knowledgeable about the store’s inventory. Those helping customers with medicinal cannabis…

March 1, 2021

New Methamphetamine Overdose Materials & Report

top of meth flyer with words Methamphetamine: Stay Safe, Stay Alive

ADAI and have several new materials available related to methamphetamine overdose and overamping. Report: Acute Consequences of Methamphetamine Use Among Participants of Syringe Services Programs Drug overdose deaths involving methamphetamine have risen over 600% in the last decade. The 2019 Washington State Syringe Exchange Health Survey asked syringe services program participants about nonfatal, acute consequences of…

February 4, 2021

ADAI’s Marijuana Research, Outreach, and Education Work, 2019-2021

group of people around a globe

The ADAI Cannabis Workgroup carries out research, outreach, and education projects that respond to emerging needs of Washingtonians in the context of legalized cannabis, with the goal of helping agencies, policymakers, and individuals make decisions and set priorities. Our 2019-2021 Interim Marijuana Research Report describes the studies, collaborative work, and information products completed during the 2019-2021 biennium…

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