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Alcohol Research Current Reviews

Simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use among young adults: A scoping review of prevalence, patterns, psychosocial correlates, and consequences.
Lee CM, Calhoun BH, Abdallah DA, Blayney JA, Schultz N, Brunner M, Patrick ME.
Alcohol Research: Current Reviews 2022;42(1).

Evidence & Policy journal cover

Co-producing evidence-informed criminal legal re-entry policy with the community: An application of policy codesign.
Owens MD, Ngo S, Grinnell S, Pearlman D, Bekemeier B, Cusworth Walker S.
Evidence & Policy 2022 (in press).

Journal of Cannabis Research

Licensed and unlicensed cannabis outlets in Los Angeles County: the potential implications of location for social equity.
Firth CL, Warren KM, Perez L, Kilmer B, Shih RA, Tucker JS, D’Amico EJ, Pedersen ER.
Journal of Cannabis Research 2022;4:18.

ADAI report

Methadone: An Old Medication with Untapped Potential.
Peavy KM, Banta-Green C.
Seattle, WA: Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington, April 2022.

Retail cannabis environment and adolescent use: The role of advertising and retailers near home and school.
Firth CL, Carlini B, Dilley J, Guttmannova K, Hajat A.
Health and Place 2022; 75:102795.

ADAI report

Results from the 2021 WA State Syringe Service Program Health Survey.
Kingston S, Newman A, Banta-Green C, Glick S.
Seattle, WA: Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington, February 2022.

ADAI report

Distribution of Safer Drug Smoking Supplies as a Public Health Strategy.
Singh S, Banta-Green C, Kingston S.
Seattle, WA: Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute, University of Washington, January 2022.

J Stud Alcohol Drugs cover

Cannabis industry marketing violations in Washington State, 2014-2019.
Carlini BH, Garrett S, Firth C, Pinsky I.
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 2022;83(1):18-26.

ADAI report

Housing Program Staff Want More Training to Address Substance Use Among Residents.
Newman A, Kingston S.
Seattle, WA: Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute, University of Washington, December 2021.

ADAI report

Dramatic Increases in Opioid Overdose Deaths Due to Fentanyl Among Young People in Washington State.
Banta-Green CJ, Williams J.
Seattle, WA: Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute, University of Washington, December 2021.

Health & Place

Neighborhood social environment change in late adolescence predicts substance use in emerging adulthood.
Perez LG, Tucker JS, Pedersen ER, Troxel WM, Rodriguez A, Firth CL, Seelam R, Shih RA, D’Amico EJ.
Health & Place 2022;75:102807

Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports

Negative attitudes about medications for opioid use disorder among criminal legal staff.
Moore KE, Siebert SL, Kromash R, Owens MD, Allen D.
Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports 2022 (in press).

J Community Health

Self-reported medical and nonmedical cannabis use: Results from the 2018 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System in 14 states.
Schauer GL, Roehler DR, Hoots BE.
Journal of Community Health 2022 (in press)

How to ask if they’re getting addicted. Worried about someone’s drinking or drug use, but not sure what to say? There’s a counselling approach that can help.
Peavy KM. Psyche (website), April 8, 2022.

Substance Abuse cover

Study protocol for the Respond to Prevent Study: a multi-site randomized controlled trial to improve provision of naloxone, buprenorphine and nonprescription syringes in community pharmacies.
Green TC, Bratberg J, Irwin AN, Boggis J, Gray M, Leichtling G, … Floyd A, et al.
Substance Abuse 2022; 43(1):901-905.

Journal of Substance Abuse Treament

Persons from racial and ethnic minority groups receiving medication for opioid use disorder experienced increased difficulty accessing harm reduction services during COVID-19.
Rosales R, Janssen T, Yermash J, Yap KR, Ball EL, Hartzler B, Garner BR, Becker SJ. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2022;132:108648.

Cannabis journal cover

Racial equity in cannabis policy: Diversity in the Massachusetts adult-use industry at 18-months.
Doonan SM, Johnson JK, Firth C, Flores A, Joshi S.
Cannabis 2022;5(1):30-41.

Alcohol Clin Exp Res cover

Is extended release naltrexone superior to buprenorphine-naloxone to reduce drinking among outpatients receiving treatment for opioid use disorder? A secondary analysis of the CTN X:BOT trial.
Roache JD, Pavlicova M, Campbell ANC, Choo T, Peavy M, Kermack AS, Nunes EV, Rotrosen J.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 2021 (in press).

Alcohol Clin Exp Res cover

Prenatal alcohol exposure and mental health at midlife: A preliminary report on two longitudinal cohorts.
Coles CD, Grant TM, Kable JA, Stoner SA, Perez A, Collaborative Initiative on FASD.
Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research 2022;46(2):232-242.

Addictive Behaviors

Patterns and correlates of cannabidiol product and marijuana co-use in a sample of U.S. young adults.
Dunbar MS, Seelam R, Tucker JS, Firth CL, Pedersen ER, Klein DJ, Rodriguez A, D’Amico EJ.
Addictive Behaviors 2022;126: 107185