Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute

E-Learning and Interventions

Online Training

Medicinal Cannabis & Chronic Pain

Developed for health professionals, including physicians, nurses, osteopaths, pharmacists, and PAs, this training presents current information on the use of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of various conditions, with a focus on chronic pain. [learn more]

Cannabis Training for Help Line Staff

This 1.5 hour training offers science-based answers to frequently asked questions about cannabis. Developed for staff and volunteers of the Washington Recovery Helpline, the training would also be useful for other service providers. Modules include: Cannabis and the Body, Products & Devices, Washington Law, Treatment & Support, and Other Questions. [start the training]

A version of this training for the general public has also been developed and is available on the Learn About Cannabis website’s E-Learning Modules page.

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment in Washington State

This 4-hour training for physicians, PAs, primary care ARNPs, psychologists, and other health care providers meets the training requirement by the WA Health Care Authority to be certified to submit billing and provider or supervise individuals providing SBIRT services. [learn more]

Washington Overdose Prevention and Response Training

The only video specific to Washington State, this 9-minute training covers overdose risks, the WA State Good Samaritan Law, and shows a step-by-step demonstration on what to do in an opioid overdose (including rescue breathing and naloxone). Available in English and Spanish. [learn more]

Northwest ATTC Webinar Series

The Northwest ATTC has a monthly webinar series featuring presentations on a range of topics of interest to our region. Previous webinars have addressed: opioid use disorder, harm reduction, stigma, SBIRT for teens, co-occurring trauma and addiction, and more. [learn more]

Toolkits and Curricula

Treatment Retention Toolkit

The Treatment Retention Toolkit was created to help clinicians and treatment organizations in Washington improve client engagement and retention in SUD outpatient treatment settings. The toolkit features training and other resources intended to help clinicians and treatment organizations in Washington State improve client engagement and retention in SUD outpatient settings. [visit site]

Education & FASD Toolkit

The Education & FASD Toolkit is designed to help educators, parents, and caregivers understand how FASD impacts students, and identify appropriate interventions. It outlines issues and challenges and gives concrete strategies for overcoming those challenges. The toolkit contains a special section addressing issues particularly relevant to Native Communities. [visit site]

Healing of the Canoe Curricula

Healing of the Canoe focuses on suicide and substance abuse prevention for Native youth, using the Canoe Journey as a metaphor. It was designed to be adapted by Native communities using community-specific traditions and beliefs to strengthen youths’ connection to their communities and cultures, and strengthen their hope and optimism. [download curriculum]