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Washington State Opioid/Major Drug Interactive Data

This site offers a series of interactive data charts and maps featuring Washington state data related to overdose deaths, treatment admissions, statewide opioid sales, and police evidence testing data for opioids and other drugs. Find data by geography, drug type, or indicator/source. [visit site]

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Washington State Data & Resources

Find a variety of data/trends for the state as a whole, plus each individual county, including statistics on: substances, auto accidents, smoking, health rankings, overdose deaths, treatment admissions, and youth. Also features local and statewide resources for more information about treatment and prevention, criminal justice, public health and harm reduction, economic and fiscal issues, and key agencies and organizations. [visit site]

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ADAI Publications – State and County Drug Trends & Surveillance

Find all publications, organized most-recent-first, from ADAI authors reporting on drug trends in Washington State. Includes reports from the King County Community Epidemiology Workgroup, academic journal articles, ADAI Info Briefs, and more. [view list]

Other Recommended Resources – Washington

  • Substance Abuse Resources in Washington State: An Online Toolkit: ADAI online toolkit with a section on finding data & statistics (includes both Washington state and national resources)
  • Healthy Youth Survey: State survey administered every 2 years, reporting on substance- and risk-related statistics on Washington youth grades 6, 8, 10, and 12. The Factsheet section lets you pull together just the information you are interested in by year, grade, education district, gender, and county.
  • Research & Data on Fatal Crashes, Traffic Safety: Data from the WA State Traffic Safety Commission related to impaired driving. Quarterly crash data for the state as a whole or by county.

Other Recommended Resources – National