Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute

Project Staff

Sarah Canavese

Sarah Canavese MPH, MCHES

Technology Transfer Specialist, Opioid Response Network

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Laura Cooley MA

Technology Transfer Specialist, Northwest ATTC
Continuing Education Specialist, Northwest ATTC

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Stacy Dimmich

Stacy Dimmich BA

Program Operations Specialist, Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

206-616-5521 / Email

Sharon B. Garrett MPH, MA

Research Scientist
Project Director

206-685-6692 / Email


Chris Graham PhD

Statistician, Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit

206-543-7155 / Email

Michelle Ingalsbe MSW

Research Coordinator

206-616-0025 / Email

Kay Kelly

Kay Kelly BA

Project Director, FASD Legal Issues Resource Center
Research Coordinator, Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit

206 616-5408 / Email


Susan Kingston

Manager of Program Operations (CEDEER)

206-211-4041 / Email

Alison Newman

Alison Newman MPH

Program Operations Specialist (CEDEER)

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Avery Park MA, LMHC

Research Coordinator, Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

909-815-4212 / Email

Kristina Rowlett

Kristina Rowlett

Research Coordinator, Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit

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Emmy Smith-Stewart BFA

Research Study Coordinator, Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit

206-543-7155 / Email

Nicholas Sorlagas

Nicholas Sorlagas MA

Research Coordinator, FADU, NIDA Clinical Trials Network

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Brenda Stuvek

Brenda Stuvek BS

Node Coordinator, NIDA Clinical Trials Network Pacific Northwest Node

206-685-6691 / Email

Jennifer Verbeck

Jennifer Verbeck

Program Operations Specialist, Northwest ATTC

206-685-4419 / Email

Lynette Wright

Lynette Wright MSW

Project Director, Research Coordinator, Quality Assurance, CTN Pacific NW Node

(206) 221-0219 / Email

Kelly Youngberg

Kelly Youngberg MHA

CEDEER Assistant Director for Healthcare Implementation and Strategy

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