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WATCH: Methamphetamine: Practical Strategies for Harm Reduction and Client Engagement

Map showing deaths from meth in WA state

Methamphetamine use and methamphetamine-involved deaths are increasing in Washington State. This webinar, held on January 19, 2021, reviewed current WA State data on methamphetamine use and offered practical strategies to work more effectively with individuals who use methamphetamine, including how to:

  • Understand motivations and patterns of use and how methamphetamine affects behavior
  • Have stigma-free conversations that build trust
  • Work with challenging behaviors like paranoia, self-harm, and, risk-taking
  • Promote harm reduction approaches to improve health and reduce deaths

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This webinar is intended for anyone in Washington State working with clients or patients who use methamphetamine, especially staff of syringe services program staff, housing providers, and other
community-based organizations.


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