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Lyndsey Kellum MEd

Lyndsey has held careers in teaching and public health since 2007. Her work has largely focused on improving the health and well-being of children and youth by increasing access to information and community resources as well as supporting policy, systems, and environmental changes.


Research Scientist, Program Evaluator (CERP)


BS, Community Health, Western Washington University
MEd, University of Washington - Tacoma

ORCID: 0009-0007-1546-7497

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Lyndsey served as a program manager and community liaison for the Olympic Region Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Program (YMPEP), a grant funded by the Washington State Department of Health. The work involved planning and implementation of biennial needs assessment and strategic planning processes; annual and 5-year program planning; and development of regional network training and sustainability plans. The work involved engaging healthcare providers, educators, and prevention interventionists to increase their knowledge of the legal cannabis landscape and identify opportunities within the patient-doctor, student-teacher interactions, respectively, to increase access to health information and resources including creating a framework for policy and system changes to prevent youth cannabis use and abuse. In collaboration with a regional team, Lyndsey facilitated policy research about cannabis related issues addressed during the 2020 legislative sessions which resulted in a white paper.

Lyndsey joined ADAI’s CERP team in April of 2023 where she will build on her understanding of cannabis policy and prevention strategies to assist in developing and executing program evaluations and communicating the results.