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Washington Tribes and RAIO Health Priorities Summit

As part of this project, the Washington Tribes and Recognized American Indian Organizations (RAIO) Health Priorities Summit will invite leaders from the 29 federally recognized Tribes and the five RAIOs in Washington State for one and one-half days to work together to identify and document: 1) health priorities or issues of greatest concern in the Tribal and American Indian/Alaska Native communities and urban areas, 2) promising practices that are in place or in development in these communities, and 3) gaps in health services and strategies for addressing these shortcomings. These dialogues will result in a report that prioritizes health needs, resources and gaps with regards to the health of AIAN people in WA State to make recommendations and guide policy. In addition, the report will serve to develop a health research agenda driven by Tribes and RAIOs.


Lisa Rey Thomas, PhD PI (UW ADAI)

Fund Information

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Grant #:
USD: $75,000
Start: June 2011
End: June 2012
Status: completed