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Using the Internet to Recruit Immigrants with Limited English Proficiency for Tobacco Use and Alcohol-Related Disorders Screening: A Pilot Study Among Brazilian Immigrants

This pilot study explored the recruitment potential of online approaches that address aspects of Latino immigrant socialization patterns in the US including: a) low trust in mainstream society; b) reliance on personal networks to obtain support, services, and information, and c) strong identification with country of origin as opposed to the Latino/Hispanic category. It used a mix of recruitment methods including emails from trusted sources, banners on online newspapers that support personal networks specific to Brazilians, and target ads on Facebook. The relative success of the recruitment methods tested will inform future research proposals to assess feasibility and preliminary efficacy of web-based tobacco cessation support to LEP individuals.


Bia Carlini, PhD, MPH PI (UW ADAI)

Fund Information

ADAI Small Grants Program
USD: $29,996
Start: July 1, 2011
End: June 30, 2012
Status: completed