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Re-Engagement in Evidence-Based Quitline Treatment for Low Income Smokers

The primary aims of this research were to 1) Develop an IVR system that delivers tailored audio messages to increase smokers’ re-engagement in treatment offered by two state quit lines, and 2) Evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of an IVR system as a tool to reengage smokers into quitline treatment measured by number of IVR calls answered, number of smokers who re-engage in treatment and satisfaction with IVR calls. A secondary aim of this research was to obtain preliminary evidence of the efficacy of proactively re-engaging low income smokers into treatment on abstinence as compared to usual care. ADAI has a subcontract with Free and Clear, Inc. for its role in this project.

Fund Information

National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Grant #: <5R21CA141568-02
USD: $202,887
Start: September 1, 2009
End: August 31, 2011
Status: completed

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