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Opioid Response Network/STR-TA

As part of a nationally-coordinated effort involving the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) and national ATTC Network, the Opioid Response Network/STR-TA Consortium provides training and technical assistance in response to requests from state STR grantees, stakeholders, and the public at large.  Such assistance responds to diverse needs concerning the opioid epidemic, with a broad ORN/STR-TA program goal to streamline efforts to fill gaps where needed and as defined by individual states.  This regional sub-award is executed in a three-state region, encompassing Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. In each state, a designated ORN/STR-TA team consists of vetted consultants with subjective matter expertise in prevention, treatment (physician with two years’ experience treating opioid use disorders with medications), and recovery who provide evidence-based practices and resources as defined by the ORN/STR-TA consortium.


Bryan Hartzler, PhD (UW ADAI/Northwest ATTC)
Denna Vandersloot, MEd

Project Staff

Jan Schnellman

Fund Information

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration
Start: January 1, 2018
End: December 31, 2020
Status: completed