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NIDA CTN-0044: Web-Delivery of Evidence-Based, Psychosocial Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of including an interactive, web-based version of the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) intervention plus incentives targeting drug abstinence and treatment participation as part of community-based, outpatient substance abuse treatment.  The trial will randomize individuals entering outpatient treatment for substance use disorders to receive 12 weeks of either:  (1) Treatment as Usual (TAU), reflecting standard treatment at the outpatient programs in which participants are enrolled, or (2) a modification of TAU which includes access to the Therapeutic Education System (TES), a computerized psychosocial intervention which combines skills building modules based on the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) with incentives contingent primarily upon abstinence from drugs of abuse and, secondarily, upon completion of TES modules. The primary outcome measure is drug abstinence during active treatment (as measured via urine testing and confirmed via self-report), and the study will also evaluate if improved outcomes are maintained at 3 and 6 months post-intervention.  Additionally, the study will perform a comprehensive economic analysis of adding TES to TAU.


Edward V. Nunes, MD Lead Investigator (Columbia University)

Project Staff

Sharon Garrett, MPH, MA

Fund Information

Status: completed