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Drug Helplines and Adult Marijuana Users: Assessment in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska

Drug helplines are well-known and widely utilized resources for those seeking help with managing their substance use. Using “secret shoppers,” a preliminary assessment of the drug helplines in 4 states was performed. Calls were placed to the helpline staff, where the secret shopper posed as an adult user of marijuana interested in decreasing their marijuana use, and asked questions about cannabinoids and methods of marijuana consumption.


Bia Carlini, PhD, MPH PI (UW ADAI)

Project Staff

Sharon B. Garrett, MPH Project Director (UW ADAI)

Fund Information

Dedicated Marijuana Fund
Start: February 1, 2016
End: June 30, 2016
Status: completed

Project Results

Carlini BH, Garrett SB. Drug helplines and adult marijuana users: an assessment in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska. Substance Abuse 2018;39(1):3-5. [View abstract]