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Computer Adapted Standardized Patient for MI Skills Assessment – Phase I

Low cost methods for the assessment of clinician skills are greatly needed to facilitate adoption of evidenced-based practice. Motivational Interviewing (MI) is empirically- based, effective, and a very popular therapeutic modality for substance abuse treatment. This project aimed to develop a computer-based MI skills assessment instrument, which will be useful to MI trainers, training programs, treatment agencies, and researchers.


John S. Baer, PhD PI (UW Psychiatry/UW ADAI)

Project Staff

Bryan Hartzler, PhD (UW ADAI)
Susan A. Stoner, PhD (UW ADAI)
Michelle Ingalsbe, MSW (UW ADAI)

Fund Information

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Grant #: <5R42DA020284-03
Start: September 1, 2005
End: April 30, 2010
Status: completed

Project Site


Project Results

Baer JS, Carpenter K, Beadnell B, Stoner S, Ingalsbe M, Hartzler B, Rosengren DR, Drager Z. Computer Assessment of Simulated Patient Interviews (CASPI): Psychometric properties of a web-based system for the assessment of motivational interviewing skills. J Stud Alcohol Drugs 2012;73(1):154-164. [Free online]