Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute

Alcohol and HIV/AIDS Risk-Taking

The goal of this project was to illuminate the role played by intoxication in decision-making related to infectious diseases. The specific aims were (1) to examine the linkages among alcohol and risky behavior; (2) to evaluate the viability of the alcohol myopia model for explaining post-drinking attitudes and behavior; (3) to investigate alcohol impairment of behavior control; and (4) to expand the currently scant fund of experimental data about women after drinking by evaluating for systematic gender differences in these relationships for intoxication and risky behavior.


William H. George, PhD PI (UW Psychology)
Jeanette Norris, PhD Co-Investigator (UW ADAI)

Fund Information

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
Grant #:
Start: September 2001
End: August 2006
Status: completed