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New Guide for Friends/Family: How to Ask If They’re Getting Addicted

How to ask if they're getting addicted by K. Michelle Peavy, PhD. PSYCHE

Worried about someone’s drinking or drug use, but not sure what to say? This new guide in Psyche, written by ADAI research scientist K. Michelle Peavy, PhD, describes a counseling approach that can help: Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Counseling (CRAFT).

Many people who want to talk with someone about their drinking or drug use approach the situation in one of two ways: they “come in swinging” with advice, information and mandates, or they don’t say anything at all. Neither of these approaches is likely to help the other person.

CRAFT teaches you how to approach your loved one with kindness and curiosity, start a conversation and get them thinking, and provide a safe space for them to explore change.

Studies on CRAFT show that family members who undergo this training are more likely to see their loved one seek addiction treatment or reduce their substance use than those who don’t do CRAFT.

This online guide, describes the key components of the training, provides guidance on how to get started, and offers a wealth of resources for those interested in learning more.