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New ADAI Publication: ER Utilization and Meth Overdose Symptoms Among Syringe Services Program Participants in WA


Citation: Noah D. Frank, Caleb J. Banta-Green, Brandon L. Guthrie, Susan Kingston, Joe Tinsley, Lauren Whiteside & Sara N. Glick. Emergency Room Utilization and Methamphetamine Overdose Symptoms Among Syringe Services Program Participants in Washington State. Subst Use & Misuse 2024 (in press).

New ADAI publication

This new study co-authored by Caleb Banta-Green and Susan Kingston of ADAI’s CEDEER team, used data from the 2021 Washington State Syringe Services Program (SSP) Health Survey, a cross-sectional survey administered to participants at 21 SSPs in Washington State (N = 955).

Methamphetamine use in the last three months was reported by 86% of participants. Among people who used methamphetamine in the past three months:

  • 31% reported psychological methamphetamine overdose symptoms,
  • 19% reported physical methamphetamine overdose symptoms,
  • 24% had been to the ER for methamphetamine overdose symptoms.

Learn more about CEDEER’s bi-annual syringe services program survey here (2023 results coming soon!), including full results from the 2021 survey.

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