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Nepenthe and ADAI Today/ADAI News Archive (1973-1995)

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From 1973 until 1995, ADAI published a semi-regular newsletter first called Nepenthe and later titled ADAI Today and ADAI News. These newsletters discussed regional and national research in the addictions field, coursework and lectures at ADAI and the University of Washington, local legislation and policy issues, information about funding through ADAI’s Small Grants program and the UW, and a variety of other topics to the field. In 1995, the newsletter was replaced by ADAI’s informational web site. In 2006, a news blog, ADAI News, was added to the web site, reporting regularly on Institute news, new acquisitions in the ADAI Library, and local addiction-related news and events.

Please note: Some of the language in these newsletters is outdated and may be stigmatizing.


Issue 1 — November 1973 — Introduction to ADAI and Nepenthe.

Issue 2 — December 1973 — Darvon-N for heroin addiction – Behavioral determinants of alcoholism – Local and state legislation update – Senate Bill #29 (decriminalizing public intoxication). [Note: some pages of this PDF were recreated as the original was too damaged to scan completely]

Issue 3 — March 1974 — ADAI research update – Courses/training at regional colleges and universities – Cannabis and infection (letter from NORML) – SSI and substance use disorder treatment – Results of a UW Law/Medicine student cannabis survey

Issue 4 — December 1974 — ADAI moves to a new location – Research updates (addiction and prostitution, alcoholism and sexual assault, alcohol and stress, cannabis and neuropsychological impairment, alcohol use in Russia and Yugoslavia) – Narcotic antagonists – WCTU changes its image – Seattle police encounters with “public inebriates”

Issue 5 — February 1975 — Poly-drug treatment in Seattle – Alcohol and aggression – BC heroin statistics – Alcoholism screening instrument for nurses – Cannabis reports (from Behavior Today) – Low-carb diets and alcohol – Drinking customs in Greece – California attitudes toward drinking

Issue 6 — March 1975 — ADAI funds four new studies and hosts their 2nd annual conference – Hamsters imbibe for science – Metabolites of amanita (mushrooms) – Lung cancer in women – White Deer Run treatment center experiment – Feminism and addiction – Analysis of the President’s Drug Abuse Budget for FY 1976 – Editorial by Howard Crockett on alcoholism in business and industry.

Issue 7 — April 1975 — ADAI names Dr. Marc A. Schuckit new director – Vietnam veterans – Australian drinking practices – Intellectual functioning in hospitalized alcoholics – Consumer Reports article on cannabis – Attitudes about psychotherapeutic drugs – Cocaine as the “champagne” of drugs – Grief work with alcoholics

Issue 8 — October 1975 — Nepenthe announces the start of its third year and a readership of over 1000 – Current investigations at the UW and ADAI – Newborn sleep affected by maternal alcohol intake – 1975 Domestic Council Drug Review Task Force report – Profile of Mental Health/North in Seattle – Costs of cannabis prohibition – UW coursework in addictions

Issue 9 — December 1975 — Recently funded research at the UW – Sexual dysfunction and alcoholism – ADAI summer institute review – Illicit drug use and career choice – Addictive Behaviors begins publication – Occupational alcoholism programs

Issue 10 — February 1976 — Abstracts from three manuscripts stemming from ADAI-funded research – WSU alcohol research grants – Service for Treatment Assessment and Referral (STAR) – Update on Senate Bill 29 – Alcoholism in elderly men – Substance use coursework at the UW – Cannabis decriminalization in Washington and Oregon

Issue 11 — April 1976 — Update on ADAI research project about valium and nicotine ingestion during pregnancy – Heroin use increases – Center for Addiction Studies begins publishing CAS Headliner – Darvon abuse – Local drug treatment agency evaluations – “The Dread Tomato Addiction” (humor)

Issue 12 — June 1976 — ADAI’s third annual summer conference (“Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies 1976: A Look at the Northwest Scene”) details and agenda – Studies funded by ADAI – ADAI proposes medical school coursework on addictions – Alcohol/drug problems in the elderly – Alcohol sales records as social indicators – 1976 drug use assessment in King County – Banff Skiism Screening Test

Issue 13 — November 1976 — ADAI research grant awards – NIDA tests LAAM – UW trains occupational alcoholism specialists – Continuing education for alcoholism/human services workers – Estimates of cannabis use in Washington – NORML active in Washington – Court dispositions in Seattle for marijuana

Issue 14 — January 1977 — Dr. Peter Bourne (advisor to President Carter) discusses drug policy – Editorial about decriminalization of public inebriation by Roger A. Roffman – Needs assessment for Spokane County – NW Prevention Network – Pre-pregnancy maternal alcoholism – 1976 Federal strategy for drug abuse/traffic prevention – Effectiveness of drug treatment being studied in King County

Issue 15 — July 1977 — Tentative program for the Fourth Annual ADAI Summer Conference (keynote address by Dr. Peter Bourne) – Drug use in alcoholic women – Pacific NW Bell’s alcoholism program – King County drug rehab efforts – Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research begins publication – Link between parental alcohol/nicotine use and youth hyperactivity

Issue 16 — October 1977 — Governor Dixy Lee Ray appoints panel to evaluate DSHS – UW coursework on addictions – Amphetamines project – Fifth National Drug Abuse Conference to be held in Seattle – NIAAA’s “Operation Mainstream” – Southeast Asia’s “Golden Triangle” and heroin

Issue 17 — December 1977 — ADAI sponsors 8-session course series “Recent Findings in Drug Abuse and Drug Abuse Treatment” and two-day workshop on women alcoholics – The costs of tobacco – Second Chance program for youth – NIAAA’s new prevention series “Decisions and Drinking” – Seattle-King County drug treatment system – Dr. Peter Bourne (President Carter’s advisor on drug abuse) recommends closer look at therapeutic use of cannabis – Summary of findings from the 1976 HEW Report to Congress

Issue 18 — March 1978 — Use of drugs by high school seniors – ADAI sponsors two-day workshop on teenage substance use – Seattle U’s summer symposium – Predicting substance use – Alcohol and Health Report – President Carter’s budget for substance abuse – Cocaine brain damage in Bolivia – UW to offer industrial alcoholism course – Mexican cannabis contaminated by paraquat

Issue 19 — July 1978 — HEW Third Report on Alcohol and Health – Women and substance use – Street drug analysis in Washington – President’s Mental Health Commission report – Impact of lowered drinking age – Cocaine use and effects – Notes on research in progress – 1977 drug abuse statistics (U.S.)

Issue 20 — September 1978 — UW addiction coursework 1978-1979 – Rainier Outreach & Crisis Services – Washington state liquor sales and revenue 1976-1977 – Introduction to the ADAI reference library – Survey of Alcoholics Anonymous membership – Federal funding for alcoholism in Washington

Issue 21 — October 1978 — Upcoming lectures – ADAI’s postdoctoral training program explores causes of alcoholism – National Clearinghouse for Alcohol Information (NCALI) services – Research in progress – UW School of Nursing’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse program – Profile of Tacoma’s Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime (TASC) program – Journal of Ethnopharmacology begins publication

Issue 22 — November 1978 — UW researchers to study marijuana’s effects on mammary cancer – Review of literature on spouses and children of alcoholics – Eight tons of heroin consumed in U.S. during 1976 – Performance audit at Washington’s Liquor Control Board – Research in progress – UW Drug Information Service provides facts on therapeutic drugs – Review of ADAI’s Small Grants program – Excessive drinking linked to increased cancer risk

Issue 23 — January 1979 — UW coursework on addictions – New projects funded by ADAI – Alcoholism and advertising – ADAI offers advanced training workshops for substance use disorder treatment workers

Issue 24 — May 1979 — Dr. Ruth Little named ADAI Director – New projects funded by ADAI – New directors at NIDA and NIAAA – AMA adopts alcoholism guidelines – Local physician encourages alternatives to medication – Coca leaf gum may relieve common ailments – 1979 summer programs in addiction studies – ADAI sponsors 1980 cruise to Alaska

Issue 25 — October 1979 — UW coursework in addictions – ADAI plans lecture on drugs and fetal risks – Study to focus on chemically-involved sexual assaults – Marketing of alcohol in 1978 – History of methadone maintenance – ADAI funds five new studies – State Board of Pharmacy’s special unit curbs diversion of controlled substances

Issue 26 — November 1980 — ADAI’s special thanks to Father James E. Royce, SJ, PhD – National magazine Alcoholism published in Seattle – Update on ADAI activities – ADAI awards grants – ADAI’s professional affilate program – Physicians urged to discontinue prescribing tranquilizers for everyday stress – Problem drinking and youth – NIAAA Research Monograph series begins – 1981 National budget for alcohol, drug use, and mental health administration

Issue 27 — February 1981 — ADAI to develop training program for community health professionals – Alcoholism and drug use in the Northwest – ADAI research forums – ADAI Small Grants awards for 1980 – Progress of alcohol-related bills at December’s session of Congress – Dan Anderson, director of Hazelden, speaks at the UW

Issue 28 — Spring/Summer 1981 — Northwest Prevention Conference – Alcohol and epilepsy – Human subjects guidelines regarding alcohol – Heavy drinkers and mouth cancer – ADAI Small Grants awards for 1981

ADAI Today

June 1979 — Introduction to ADAI – Using primates in drug research – UW’s BARLAB (Behavioral Alcohol Research Laboratory) – Future of today’s adolescent alcohol users – Reaching out to pregnant women who drink

January 1980 — Message from ADAI’s Director Ruth E. Little – Endorphine conference – Rat model for fetal alcohol studies – Results of residential treatment – Introduction to the ADAI Library – Cannabis/chemotherapy study at the UW

Summer/Autumn 1984 — A decade of progress at ADAI – ADAI research affiliate focus – ADAI intramural research on DWI systems – ADAI Library catalog goes electronic with Sci-Mate software – ADAI Small Grant awards for 1983-1984


Spring 1993 — Introduction to ADAI’s new director Dennis Donovan, PhD – Spotlight on ADAI research affiliate Betsy Wells – ADAI Small Grant awards – Recent publications by UW researchers

Spring 1994 — Spotlight on ADAI research affiliate Susan J. Curry, PhD – ADAI’s Small Grants program – Report on DASA’s research activities – Views of a Small Grants reviewer – Professional activities by ADAI staff – Recent publications by UW researchers

Spring 1995 — Spotlight on David Grossman, MD, MPH’s Small Grant (police detection of drunk driving) – ADAI Small Grant awards for 1994 – ADAI Scientist profile: Barbara Leigh – Recent awards to ADAI researchers – ADAI researcher professional activities – Recent publications by UW researchers