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Data & Statistics

Data & Statistics

On this page, you’ll find websites and other tools you can use to find data and statistics related to substance use in Washington State.

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Washington Websites

Washington State Data & Resources (ADAI)
Great for: Statewide or county-specific data on a variety of substance-related topics. Start here when looking for local data!

Washington State Opioid/Major Drug Interactive Data (ADAI)
Great for: Interactive charts/graphs tracking number/rate of overdose deaths, treatment admissions, opioid sales, and police evidence testing (for opioids and other drugs). Includes data about opiates, methamphetamine, marijuana, and other major drugs. (ADAI)
Great for: Science-based but general-public-friendly information about marijuana, including some Washington statistics on adult and youth use.

Washington State Department of Health Data Dashboards (DOH)
Great for: Find data on HIV, marijuana and tobacco use, opioids (prescriptions and overdoses) and more.

King County Overdose Prevention and Response - Data Dashboards
Great for: King County-specific data about Overdose deaths (drug and alcohol poisoning deaths, by year/quarter and substance type) and Non-fatal overdoses (by month and location).

Ask HYS (Healthy Youth Survey) (DOH, WSLCB)
Great for: Substance- and risk-related statistics on Washington youth grades 6, 8, 10, 12.

Research & Data on Fatal Crashes, Traffic Safety (WA State Traffic Safety Commission)
Great for: Data related to impaired driving (alcohol, marijuana, other drugs); quarterly crash data for Washington or by county.

Washington Reports/Publications

ADAI Information Briefs (ADAI)
Great for: 
Easy-to-read snapshots of statistics and trending topics.

ADAI Publications: State and County Drug Trends (ADAI)
Great for: Washington state data on substances of use, drug-related deaths, youth use, and more.

National Data Resources

Monitoring the Future Study (MTF) (University of Michigan and NIDA)
Great for: National statistics on US youth substance use, attitudes, and risk behaviors.

Treatment Episode Data (Admissions/Discharges) (SAMHSA)
Great for: National data related to admissions and discharges from substance use disorder treatment.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) (SAMHSA)
Great for: Data by population, nationwide, state, and metro regions about substance use patterns for Americans aged 12+.

Substance Abuse Facilities Data (NSSATS) (SAMHSA)
Great for: Census of all substance use disorder treatment facilities in the U.S., both public and private.

National Drug Early Warning System (UMD Center for Substance Abuse Research, NIDA)
Great for: Drug use trends, with a focus on emerging drugs and/or patterns of use.

CDC Data & Statistics
Great for: Snapshots of national statistics on variety of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-related topics, plus access to more complex datasets for more extensive information gathering.

CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
Great for: Data on a wide variety of health-related risk behaviors, including substance use, from students in grades 9-12 (national, state, and large urban school districts).