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January 30, 2023

High THC Policy | Final Report: Exploring Policy Solutions: Report to the WA Legislature

High THC Policy | Final Report. Exploring policy solutions to address public health challenges of high THC products. Final report to the WA Legislature from WA HCA and the ADAI Cannabis Education & Research Program

To address this emerging public safety challenge of increasingly available high-THC products (e.g. dabs, wax, concentrates), the WA State Health Care Authority was directed by ESSB 5092 (2021) to contract with the University of Washington’s Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute (ADAI) to identify areas of common ground and consensus, and develop recommendations for state policies related to cannabis concentration…

January 18, 2023

Webinar: What’s the Latest on Xylazine? (Feb 15, 12pm PT)

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February 15, 2023 | 12-1pm PT | View recording Xylazine is a veterinary tranquilizer that has been found mixed with other drugs like fentanyl and heroin. Evidence indicates overdose deaths involving Xylazine have increased throughout the United States, including in the Pacific Northwest, with the largest impact occurring in the Northeast.  This webinar from ADAI’s…

January 6, 2023

Job Opening: King County Seeking Social Research Scientist for Short-Term Project

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The King County Prevention Division is seeking a Social Research Scientist for a short-term (approx. 6-month) research project that requires technical expertise in qualitative research methods and subject matter expertise in substance use behavior.  This position will implement a qualitative study that assesses longitudinal patterns in drug consumption practices.   The primary duties include: (1)…

January 5, 2023

Webinar: How the Addiction Workforce Can Work with the Media to Improve Reporting on Addiction (Jan 25, 12pm PT)

Calling all reporters and addiction workforce members!

Calling all reporters and addiction workforce members! Join the Northwest ATTC at ADAI on January 25, 2023 (12-1pm PT) for this exciting new webinar on how we can work together to improve reporting on addiction! Harnessing Your Expertise: How the Addiction Workforce Can Work with the Media to Improve Reporting on Addiction January 25, 2023…

December 21, 2022

Taking Stock of WA State’s Decade of Legal Cannabis (KUOW, featuring ADAI’s Beatriz Carlini)

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In this piece, KUOW’s Amy Radil provides information about the path legal cannabis has taken in Washington over the last 10 years and where it appears to be headed in the future. ADAI Director of the Cannabis Education & Research Program, Dr. Beatriz Carlini, is featured in the article, taking about risks associated with use…

December 5, 2022

Join the ADAI CERP Team: Seeking Full-Time Program Evaluator

ADAI is Hiring! Research Scientist/Program Evaluator for CERP (full-time)

The Cannabis Education & Research Program (CERP) at the Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute (ADAI), which is partially funded by the WA State Dedicated Cannabis Fund for research at the UW (since 2015), is seeking a full-time Program Evaluator (official title: Research Scientist/Engineer) to support its work responding to emerging research and information needs of…

December 1, 2022

Substance Use is a Health Issue, Not a Legal One – Op-Ed in the Seattle Times by Dr. Caleb Banta-Green

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See also: December 2, 2022 KUOW interview with Dr. Banta-Green about the ongoing rise in fentanyl-related deaths and need for treatment options. ADAI Acting Professor Caleb Banta-Green, PhD authored an opinion piece published in the Seattle Times on November 30, 2022 urging the Washington State Legislature and governor to act on recommendations made by the…

November 30, 2022

ADAI CERP Report to Legislature Details Public Health Risks for High-THC Cannabis

ADAI CERP Report to WA Legislature about High-THC Cannabis

In early fall, ADAI Acting Associate Professor Beatriz Carlini, PhD, MPH and her team at the Cannabis Education & Research Program (CERP) published and delivered a report to the Washington State legislature that addresses the public health challenges of cannabis products with high concentrations of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that causes a “high.”…

November 29, 2022

ADAI Lunch & Learn: Screening & Treating Cannabis Use Disorder in Primary Care (Dec. 6, 12pm PT)

ADAI Lunch & Learn

Join ADAI and presenter Tessa Matson, MPH (PhD Candidate), UW School of Public Health, for our December Lunch & Learn session:  Evaluation of Screening, Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment for Cannabis Use Disorder in Primary CareDecember 6, 202212-1pm PTRegister here Nearly 44 million people use cannabis in the past year, and of those, 21% use cannabis daily….

November 23, 2022

New from ADAI: Provider Perspectives on Medication Treatment for OUD in Adolescents

New from ADAI: Perspectives on Medication Treatment for OUD in Adolescents: Results from a Provider Learning Series. Peavy KM, Adwell A, Owens MD, Banta-Green CJ. Subst Use Misuse 2022 (in press)

Despite recent surges in adolescent opioid use disorder (OUD), teens are less likely to enter treatment compared to adults, and are rarely in treatment settings that offer evidence-based medication treatment (methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone). Buprenorphine is the only medication approved for people under 18 (aged 16 and older) and methadone requires written parental consent for…

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