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ADAI Lunch & Learn: Promoting Equitable Access: How to Make Clinical Care and Research Inclusive of People with Disabilities (Oct 25, 12pm PT)

ADAI Lunch & Learn: Promoting Equitable Access. october 25, 2023, 12-1pm PT. Robin Harwick, PhD, MS

Join us for our next Lunch & Learn webinar, October 25, 2023 (12-1pm PT) featuring ADAI Research Scientist Robin Harwick, PhD, MS!

About 42.5 million people in the US have a disability and yet many clinicians and researchers do not consider disability inclusion in their work. This can lead to people with disabilities being:

  • Excluded from research studies
  • Not receiving the care they need
  • Being exited from programs or studies because of misunderstandings

In this talk, Robin Harwick, PhD, MS, a disability inclusion expert, will discuss how to make your clinical practice and research more inclusive of people with visible and “hidden” disabilities, including practical strategies for:

  • Engaging people with disabilities in research and treatment
  • Making accommodations
  • Creating accessible materials
  • This talk is essential for clinicians and researchers who want to ensure that their work is inclusive of and accessible to everyone.

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