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ADAI Lunch & Learn: Addressing Stigma Through the Lens of a System’s Change Model (Dec 12, 12pm PT)

ADAI Lunch & Learn: Addressing Stigma Through the Lens of a System's Change Model

Join us on December 12, 2023 (12-1pm PT) for our next Lunch & Learn, featuring Denna Vandersloot, MEd, Co-Director of the Northwest ATTC and the ADAI Center for Advancing Addiction Health Services (CAAHS).

Despite wide-spread awareness of the detrimental effects of stigma for individuals facing behavioral health challenges, stigma often remains an intractable problem. The impact of stigma affects the work of prevention, addiction, and mental health professionals. In response to this issue, the Northwest Addiction, Prevention, and Mental Health Technology Transfer Centers’ leaders designed and are piloting a Cross-Discipline Learning Collaborative for prevention, mental health, substance use disorder service providers, and key policy leaders in Skagit County. The goal of the LC is to enhance participants’ understanding of how we can collectively rethink behavioral health to reduce stigma, its effects on clients and services, and learn evidence-based strategies to reduce and dismantle stigma and promote well-being. In this presentation, Denna will discuss the design of the learning collaborative and how a system-change model is being used to guide the work of this initiative.

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