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ADAI Scientists, Staff and Research Affiliates

Administration: Dennis M. Donovan, PhD  (Director)
Noreen Balch, MPA (Administrator)
Belinda Sachs (Fiscal Specialist)
Erinn McGraw, (Office Assistant)
Nancy Sutherland, MLS (Associate Director)
John Neumaier, MD, PhD (Associate Director)
Therese M. Grant, PhD (Associate Director)


ADAI Staff Directory

ATOD Researchers at UW

Confederation of NW Addiction Research & Training Centers

UW Directory

ADAI Staff Only
ADAI Intranet
Researchers: Lisette Austin, MA (Research Coodinator)
Caleb Banta-Green, PhD, MPH, MSW
(Principal Research Scientist)
Beatriz (Bia) Carlini, PhD, MPH (Senior Scientist)
Suzanne R. Doyle, PhD  (Biostatistician)
Anthony S. Floyd, PhD (Research Scientist)
Sharon Garrett, MPH (Research Coodinator)
Bryan Hartzler, PhD (Research Scientist)
Robin Harwick, PhD (Project Director)
Michelle Hansten Ingalsbe, MSW
Mary Hatch-Maillette, PhD (Research Scientist)
Tatiana Masters, PhD (Research Scientist)
Sandra Radin, PhD (Research Scientist)
Susan A. Stoner, PhD (Research Consultant)
Lisa Rey Thomas, PhD (Research Scientist)
Jason Williams, PhD (Research Scientist)
Dennis C. Wendt, PhD (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
Lynette Wright, MSW (Research Coodinator)
Affiliated Faculty
John Baer, PhD
Elizabeth (Betsy) Wells, PhD
Information Services & Dissemination Nancy Sutherland, MLS (Director)
Meg Brunner, MLIS (Web Information Specialist)
Jennifer Velotta, MNPL, CDP, ICPS (Clearinghouse Coordinator
Other Staff: Jen Arthur, BS, CHW (Treatment Navigator)
Susan Kingston (Project Coordiator, WA-PDO)
Mike Lane (ADAI Network Administrator)
Alison Newman, MPH (COSE CE Specialist)
Brenda Stuvek (CTN Node Coordinator)
Kristin Vick, MPA (Treatment Navigator)
Alumni Research
Devon A. Abdallah, PhD
Brent L. Baxter, PhD

Devon D. Brewer, PhD
Donald Calsyn, PhD
Molly M. Carney, PhD, MBA
Gary B. Cox, PhD
Leonardo R. Estacio, PhD, MPH (NIDA/INVEST Fellow)
Josh Ginzler, PhD
Alice Huber, PhD
Rushit Ismajli, MD, MPH (NIDA/CTN Invest Fellow)
Chandra Jha, PhD (INVEST/CTN Research Fellow)
Barbara C. Leigh, PhD, MPH (Senior Scientist)
Heather S. Lonczak, PhD ytime
Jeanette Norris, PhD (Senior Scientist)
K. Michelle Peavy, PhD
Peggy L. Peterson, PhD, MPH
David B. Rosengren, PhD
Megan Rutherford, PhD
Schauer, Gillian L., MPH, PhD (Research Affiliate)
Katie Witkiewitz, PhD

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