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Webinar June 2: Fentanyl and Opioid Overdose Prescribing for School Personnel

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June 2, 2022 | 1:30-3:00pm PT

Presenters: ADAI Continuing Education Specialist Alison Newman, MPH, Sean Hemmerle (WA DOH) and Robyn Smith (King County Behavioral Health & Recovery)

This training, sponsored by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), will provide an overview of the prevalence of fentanyl and how it affects the rates of overdose, particularly for youth in Washington state. Participants will gain insights about the risks of fentanyl and learn about a new resource to help schools be ready to recognize, respond, and reduce overdoses.

Information will be shared about obtaining naloxone and how to dispose of unused, expired kits. A brief overview of SHB 5195 Concerning prescribing opioid overdose reversal medication will explore how this new law may impact school providers. The training will close with a Q&A opportunity.

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