Treatment and Assessment Report Generation Tool (TARGET)

2014 DBHR WA State Provider Survey

  • 63% of participants reported that they use TARGET;
  • 22% know of TARGET but do not use it;
  • 12.6% checked "other" and specified that they may not personally use TARGET but that someone in their program or management does. [more about the survey]

With the transition from Regional Support Networks (RSNs) to Behavioral Health Organizations (BHOs) on April 1, 2016, providers who are not a part of the Fee-for-Service (FFS) program are no longer required to use TARGET. Tribal programs who provide Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment as well as providers who have a direct contract with the Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery (DBHR) for the FFS program to provide SUD Treatment for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) are still required to use TARGET as the system for inputting client treatment data.

TARGET logoThe Treatment and Assessment Report Generation Tool (TARGET) is a web-based management and reporting system for client substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services provided by approximately 525 reporting agencies throughout the state. Users include county governments, tribes, and non-profit organizations that provide DBHR client services. TARGET web site:

TARGET data entry is contractually required within 7 days of service for all state-funded SUD programs. Timely and accurate TARGET data entry reflects true client services provision and client retention in treatment, helps to ensure appropriate reimbursement, AND supports clients toward their treatment and recovery goals.

TARGET is a crucial element for success in SUD treatment retention. The Substance Use Disorder Treatment "Wheel of Success", a training tool developed by Patty Karvel and Shelli Young of Snohomish County Human Services Administration, illustrates the connections between Outreach, Outpatient Treatment and Case Management Services; Utilization of TARGET and Reports; Client Retention Rates; and Full Cost Reimbursement. Each "gear" in the wheel relates to all the others, making the whole wheel turn smoothly (or not), illustrating the concept that success results from coordinated effort.

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How to Run Reports

D&C and C3 Active Caseload Reports

D&C, or Data Entry and Counselor, reports, display either the milestone or activity information entered into TARGET or the open admissions or assessments. D&C reports are the only reports to list client names. We're going to focus here on the C3 Active Caseload report, the one most likely to be used to track client retention.

C3 Active Caseload Report

Description/Purpose: This report lists all admissions open as of the start date. This report can be used to look at counselor case load and to make sure that all discharges are entered in a timely manner.

How to run this report: Unlike other reports that use a date range, this report (and the C5) gives all admissions open as of the start date. Enter the date that you wish to look at in the Start Date field. Enter the same date in the End Date field. Set any desired filters. Click on the report name.

Fields in the report:

TARGET report catalog

Sorted by: Counselor Staff ID, Days Since Last Activity

Short Detox Included: Yes


  Access:     Server:  



Available Filters:

  Scope: Admission, Assessment, Discharge
Duplicate, Unduplicated
Agency (for county staff and RAs)
Entry Referral
Discharge Type
Exit Referral or Other Services Referral
Governing County
Demographics: Gender
Start Birth Date / End Birth Date
English Speaking Ability
English Reading Ability
Substance Abuse
Assessment Priority Population
  Funding: Title XIX
Fund Source
Contract Type
State Special Project
County Special Project
Agency Special Project
  Client/Staff: Staff
Admission Staff (D4 Only)
Support Activity Type (C7 Only)

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SCOPE -- web-based query and reporting services for SUD and mental health professionals in WA.

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