Symposium on Legal Marijuana in WA

Videos & Slides from the 2013 Symposium

Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in our state, key questions are arising. 

This symposium, attended by 150 people from organizations involved in research, treatment, prevention, and policymaking explored:

· What we already know about marijuana use
· What we need to know
· How research can inform both policy and practice

The symposium, the first in a series, featured researchers from the University of Washington and speakers from the community, with interactive discussion and Q&A sessions. 


How Did We Get Here & Where Are We Going?
(Session 1, 90 min.)

  • Symposium Opening Remarks - Dennis Donovan, PhD
    Director, UW Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute

  • Mark Cooke [slides]
    ACLU-WA (American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State)

  • Derek Franklin [slides]
    SAM-WA (Smart Approaches to Marijuana-Washington), and WASAVP (Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention) Note: Audio cuts out briefly at 52 minute mark.

Prevention Interventions : What Works?
(Session 2, 90 min.)

  • Jennifer Bailey, PhD
    Risk and Protective Factors Specific to Marijuana Use [slides]

  • Kevin Haggerty, MSW, PhD
    The State of Preventive Interventions and What We Know Works in Prevention [slides]

  • Rick Kosterman, PhD
    What We Need to Know and Do [slides]

    All from Social Development Research Group, UW School of Social Work

New Research Directions in Young Adult Marijuana Use, Consequences, and Prevention

(Session 3, 90 min.)

  • Jason Kilmer, PhD and Christine Lee, PhD [slides]
    Center for the Study of Health & Risk Behaviors, UW Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Cannabis Use Disorder Interventions
(Session 4, 90 min.)

  • Bia Carlini, PhD, MPH
    UW Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute
    Marijuana Public Health Helpline: What We Know from Tobacco and International Experience [slides]

  • Denise Walker, PhD
    UW Innovative Programs Research Group, School of Social Work
    Interventions for Adolescents: State of the Science and
    Looking Ahead [slides]

  • Roger Roffman, DSW
    UW Innovative Programs Research Group, School of Social Work
    Interventions for Adults: State of the Science and Looking Ahead [slides]

  • Concluding Remarks - Dennis Donovan, PhD
    UW Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute

See also: 2nd Symposium on Marijuana in Washingtonn, May 20, 2016

Sponsored by the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute at the University of Washington
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