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ADAI Staff Directory

UW Campus Mailbox: Box 354805 || Deliveries: 1107 NE 45th St., Suite 120, Seattle WA 98105-4631

CONTACT email@uw.edu PHONE
Donovan, Dennis, PhD
   Director, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute
   Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
ddonovan 206.543.0937
206.616.6960 (VM)
Austin, Lisette, MA, Research Coodinator lisette 206.543.8084
Balch, Noreen, MPA, Administrator nbalch 206.221.5421
Banta-Green, Caleb, PhD, MPH, MSW, Principal Research Scientist calebbg 206.685.3919
Brunner, Meg, MLIS, Web Computing Specialist
meganw 206.685.4664 ; 206.543.0937
Carlini, Bia (Beatriz), PhD, MPH, Senior Research Scientist bia 206.616.5880
Catlin, Mary, BSN, MPH, Continuing Education Specialist mccatlin@adai 206.604.2403
Cooley, Laura, MA Continuing Education Specialist / Tech Transfer Specialist, NWATTC lcooley1 206.616.6131
Dimmich, Stacy, BA, Research Coordinator, FADU sdimmich 206.616.5521
Doyle, Suzanne R., PhD, Biostatistician
srdoyle 206.616.2563
Ernst, Cara, MA, Evaluator, FADU ccernst 206.616.5409
Firth, Caislin, Research Assistant caislin  
Floyd, Anthony S., PhD, Research Coordinator asfloyd 206.616.7382
Garrett, Sharon, MPH, Research Coordinator
ghungus 206.685.6692
Graham, J. Chris, PhD, Statistician, FADU jcgraham 206.543.7155
Grant, Therese, PhD, Director, ADAI Fetal Alcohol & Drug Unit (FADU)
Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

granttm 206.543.7155
Harris, Christina, Research Study Assistant, CTN charris0 206.823.4458
Hartzler, Bryan, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, NWATTC Director
hartzb 206.543.8369
Harwick, Robin, PhD, Project Director harwick 206.221.5651
Hatch-Maillette, Mary, PhD, Research Scientist
hatchm 206.616.7730
Huggins, Janet, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, FADU jhuggins 206.616.3897
Ingalsbe, Michelle Hansten, MSW, Research Coordinator
mhansten 206.616.0025
Kelly, Kathryn, BA, FASD Legal Consultant, FADU faslaw 206.616,5408
Kingston, Susan, Project Coordinator, WA-PDO kingst1 206.221.4041 
Lane, Mike, Senior Computing Specialist
lanem2 206.543.1397
Masters, Tatiana, PhD, Research Scientist tmasters 206.380.5921
Erinn McGraw, Office Assistant ecmcgraw 206.685.4607; 206.543.0937
Miller, Claire, Research Study Assistant, CTN cmiller4 206.823.4812
Murphy, Margo, BA, Fiscal Specialist, FADU margom 206.616.5689
Narvaja,Tomas, Research Study Assistant, CTN narvaja 206.331.9382
Neumaier, John, MD, PhD, Assocociate Director ADAI;
Professor, Psychiatry & Behav Sci
neumaier 206.987.5803
Newman, Alison, MPH, Continuing Ed. Specialist, COSE alison26 206.685.5632
Radin, Sandra, PhD, Research Scientist
sradin@adai 206.543.5013
Sachs, Belinda, Fiscal Specialist
belindab 206.685.4552; 206.543.0937
Smith-Stewart, Timothy Research Assistant, FADU ts23  
Stoner, Susan, PhD, Research Consultant sastoner 206-543-4520
Stuvek, Brenda, MS, CTN Node Coordinator
bkhurley 206.685.6691
Sutherland, Nancy, MLS, Associate Director
nsutherland@adai 206.685.9464
Thomas, Lisa Rey, PhD, Research Scientist
Vandersloot, Denna, M.Ed, NWATTC Co-Director dennav  
Velotta, Jennifer, CDP, ICPS, Clearinghouse Coordinator jvelotta@adai 206.221.8325
Verbeck, Jennifer, NWATTC Program Operations Specialist jberbeck 206.685.4419
Vick, Kristin, MPA, Treatment Navigator krisvick 206.543.6583
Wells, Elizabeth (Betsy), PhD
    Research Professor Emeritus, Social Work
bwells 206.221.5651
Williams, Jason, PhD, Research Scientist anjrw 206.543.4704
Wright, Lynette, MSW, Research Coordinator
lmwright 206.221.0219

ADAI Office & Project Contacts
ADAI Main Office
adai 206.543.0937
ADAI Library
library@adai 206.543.0937
ADAI Clearinghouse info@adaiclearinghouse.org 206.221.8325 (Jennifer)
Center for Opioid Safety Education (COSE) info@stopoverdose.org 206.685.5632 (Alison)
Fetal Alcohol & Drug Unit (FADU)   206.543.7155 (Stacy)
Healing of the Canoe canoeinfo@adai 206.543.8084 (Lisette)
NIDA Clinical Trials Network - PNW Node (CTN) bkhurley 206.685.6691 (Brenda)
Northwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center (NWATTC) nwattc@adai  

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