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Publications Based on Research at the University of Washington

By ADAI Staff

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By University of Washington Researchers

View citations of substance abuse articles and books published by researchers at the UW. To request copies of these articles, please contact your local university library.

ADAI Online Reports

Drug Abuse Trends Reports  (view all)
   Seattle-King County, 2014 (Jan 2015)  new!

ADAI Technical Reports  (view all)
    Adolescent Treatment
    Drug Court Evaluation
    Preventing Substance Abuse by Elders

Miscellaneous  (view all)
    ATOD in Washington (html, pdf)
Alcohol, Drugs and Your Pregnancy (brochure)
    ADAI Biennial Report 99-01

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ADAI Info Briefs  (view all)
    Alcohol, Drugs, Mental Illness, & Gun Violence (2/2013)
    Alcohol & Other Drug Help Lines (WA state focus)
    Adolescent Co-Occuring Disorders (9/2011)
    County Drug Use Epidemiology Reports (2004)
    Drug Court Option for Juveniles (2002)
    Internet Addiction (9/2010)
    Heroin Trends Across Washington State (6/2013)
    Legal Highs - Synthetic Drugs (5/2013)
    Marijuana Legalization in WA State (10/2012)
    Marijuana Use: Impact in WA State (7/2013)
    Opiate Substitution Treatment in WA (2002)
    Opioid Trends Across WA State, 2015 (2/2015) new!
    Opiate Use & Negative Consequences in WA (8/2011)
    Prescription Opioid Use in WA (2007)
    Privatization of Alcohol Sales (9/2011)
    Resources for Addiction Recovery Support (8/2012)
    Substance Use Initiation by Street Youth (2003)
    Young Adult Resources on Addiction (7/2013)
    911 Good Samaritan Law Evaluation (11/2011)

View all ADAI Online Reports

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