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2017 Drug Use Trends in King County, WA. (5/2018) This report summarizes drug use trends from various sources in King County, e.g. Medical Examiner, criminal justice, syringe exchanges, and calls to the state Recovery Helpline.

Washington State Syringe Exchange Health Survey: 2017 Results (1/2018) This is the 2nd survey among syringe exchange participants to profile the health behaviors and health care needs and preferences of PWID in Washington State. [See also 2015 survey]

ADAI Marijuana Research Report, 2015-2017 Biennium. (10/2017). This report presents the activities and products developed by ADAI with support from the Washington State Dedicated Marijuana Fund during the 2015-2017 Biennium.

Integration of Substance Use Services in Mental Health Settings. (6/2017). Review of issues about integrating treatment for substance use disorders and mental health: models of integration; settings; barriers; impacts on patient outcomes; and recommendations. [See also Integration of SU Services in Medical Settings]

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Includes long and brief reports, statistical information, matrices, and a variety of other document types, written by ADAI researchers and other staff. For more journal articles, books, and other resources about alcohol and drugs, search the ADAI Library.


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