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We want to acknowledge the help of the following individuals, who answered our questions about the use of medicinal cannabis in clinical practice, tested the training for functionality, helped collect references and materials for the provider toolkit, or provided feedback and suggestions for improving presentation and flow. Without their help, we could not have completed this project. The final content, however, was the sole responsibility of the main study design team.

  • Sunil Aggarwal, MD, PhD
  • Noreen Balch
  • Mark Cooke, JD, MSW
  • Leann Chan, MS
  • Joyful Freeman, RN
  • Darlene Gabanek, MD
  • Michelle Ingalsbe, MSW
  • Simone Javaher, RN, BSN, MPA
  • Jane Klein – Publisher
  • Barbara Leigh, PhD
  • Martina Martin, ARNP
  • Tina Rowley
  • Ethan Russo, MD
  • Gillian Schauer, MPH
  • Michelle Sexton, ND

Video production and edits – Martha Sanchez & Mario Zavaleta, Latino Northwest Communications
Narration – Sharon Garrett, MPH and Anthony Floyd, PhD
Articulate Storyline development – Meg Brunner, MLIS


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