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About the Project

The ultimate goal of this project is to increase awareness of options in treating pain and other medical conditions and decrease unnecessary suffering among people living with chronic pain in the state of Washington. The project aimed to provide information and education about medical conditions and populations for whom medicinal cannabis is or is not recommended, side-effects, and other risks.

SurveyThe first stage of this project was a survey of the training needs and preferred modes of training delivery of health care professionals in Washington state. Data collection for the survey was completed on May 31, 2014. Results were analyzed and helped inform the development of CME training, providing valuable information about clinicians’ experiences and opinions related to the use of medicinal cannabis to treat chronic pain. Note: As of January 1, 2017, CME is no longer available for this training.

To take the two-part training on Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain developed as the final product for this project, click here.

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