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ADAI Small Grants Program


  • Are faculty with acting appointments eligible to apply as PI of a Small Grant? 
  • I expect to be appointed to an eligible category by the project start date; can I apply now as PI?
  • Can faculty salaries be paid on a Small Grant? [New policy August 2017]
  • How often may I apply for a Small Grant?  Can I submit more than one proposal in a grant period?
  • Can a faculty member serve as a mentor to more than one predoctoral or postdoctoral applicant per grant cycle?

Preparing the Proposal  

  • What signatures do I need on the cover page?
  • Do I need to include an eGC1 form?
  • Are there specific formatting requirements?
  • What is included in the page limit?   
  • Are references included in the page limit?  Where do they go?
  • Are appendices allowed?  What can be included as appendices?  
  • Do I need to apply for Human Subjects approval before submitting the proposal?  
  • Where do I send the proposal?


  • Does the University indirect cost (F&A) rate apply? 
  • Can the graduate operating fee be included in the budget?  
  • What is the difference between equipment and supplies?
  • Can I include computer consulting in the budget?
  • Can lease costs be included in the budget?
  • Can the travel to conferences to present findings from the grant be included in the budget?  
  • Sample budget of rat study. [More samples to be added; there is no particular required format.]

Review Process  

  • How long before I find out if my proposal was accepted for funding?  How will I be notified?  
  • What is the acceptance rate for proposals?  
  • I want to resubmit a proposal that was previously turned down; how should I  present changes to my original proposal, or rebuttal to the reviews of my previous application?


  • Can I view a sample of a previous application?
  • Do you accept proposals for tobacco research?  
  • My proposal was funded for one year, but I haven't completed the work yet. Can I get an extension?  

If you have other questions, please call ADAI at (206) 543-0937, or e-mail adai@u.washington.edu.

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