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Resources for College Students and Teachers

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Data,Statistics, Trends

Washington State Data & Resources
Great for: Statewide or county-specific data on a variety of substance-related topics. (more Expand/Collapse)

Variety of data/trends for the state as a whole, plus each individual county, including statistics on:

  • substances of abuse
  • auto accidents
  • smoking
  • health-rankings,
  • overdose deaths
  • treatment admissions
  • youth
>This site also features local and statewide resources for more information about treatment and prevention resources, criminal justice, public health and harm reduction, economic and fiscal issues (related to substance use), and key agencies and organizations.

Ask HYS (Healthy Youth Survey)
Great for: Finding substance- and risk-related statistics on Washington youth grades 6, 8, 10, 12.  (more Expand/Collapse)

The Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) is a collaborative effort of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Department of Health, the Department of Social and Health Service's Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. It features statistics on substance use and related risk factors in youth from grades 6, 8, 10, and 12. Create reports based on the latest data sets by combining a range of variables (school grade, topic of interest, county, school district, etc.).

ADAI Information Briefs
Great for: Easy-to-read snapshots of statistics and trending topics. (more Expand/Collapse)

Drug Abuse Trends Reports for Seattle-King County (CEWG-Seattle-King County)
Great for: Seattle and King County data on substances of use, drug-related deaths, youth use, and more.  (more Expand/Collapse)

Published annually by the Community Epidemiology Work Group for Seattle-King County. Include data from the WA State Patrol Crime Lab, the Recovery Help Line, The Healthy Youth Survey, treatment admissions, the King County Medical Examiner, and Public Health-Seattle & King County. Data includes substances of use, drug-related deaths, youth use, and more.

Research & Data on Fatal Crashes, Traffic Safety (WA State Traffic Safety Commission)
Great for: Data related to impaired driving (alcohol, marijuana, other drugs); quarterly crash data for Washington or by county. (more Expand/Collapse)

The Washington State Traffic Safety Commission's Research and Data Division analyzes crash data and conducts traffic safety research. Find reports related to "Impaired Driving" on the Traffic Safety Reports page, and quarterly crash data, including statistics related to driver impairment on the Quarterly Crash Data page.

See also: Data & Statistics

Science-Based Information on Trending Topics

Learn About Marijuana WA (ADAI)
Great for: Science-based information for the public about retail and medical marijuana; includes factsheets, FAQ for consumers, pages for parents and teens, more. (more Expand/Collapse)

This site from the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute at the UW was developed in response to legalization and includes factsheets on various health and social aspects of marijuana, special pages for parents and teens, information about policy, law, and research, and an FAQ for adult consumers.

StopOverdose.org (ADAI)
Great for:Learning how to prevent, identify, and reverse overdoses from prescription opioid (pain) medications or heroin; finding naloxone in Washington State.  (more Expand/Collapse)

Developed by the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute at the University of Washington, this site offers training on how to prevent, identify, and reverse opioid overdoses, as well as a regularly-updated listing of all the pharmacies in the state offering naloxone, a prescription medicine for use in overdose emergencies. Also find the Center for Opioid Safety Education (COSE), which offers community and professional education on opioid safety.

ADAI Information Briefs
Great for:
Easy-to-read snapshots of statistics, policy issues, and trending topics. (more Expand/Collapse)

This series covers a range of topics, including briefs on a number of specific substances of abuse, as well as policy-related issues like privatization of alcohol.

ADAI Library Bibliographies
Great for: Generating an up-to-date list of research articles, books, videos, links, and more related to specific drugs or other topics. (more Expand/Collapse)

Do a live search of all the ADAI Library databases on these popular topics, pulling up everything we have in our journal articles, books, videos, and web links collections. For specific drugs of abuse, jump to that section here.

Medline Plus (NLM)
Great for: Patients and their families looking for a range of reliable, vetted information on health-related aspects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and addiction. (more Expand/Collapse)

Find reliable, science-based health information about a variety of topics on this site from the National Library of Medicine. See especially their Health Topics categories for Substance Abuse Problems, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health and Behavior.

See also: Trending Topics

Prevention and Treatment-Related Resources

ADAI Clearinghouse
Great for: Finding print and online resources about drugs and alcohol, with a focus on training and prevention. Washington residents can request free print materials. Take our training to learn how to use this tool! (more Expand/Collapse)

The ADAI Clearinghouse is a resource center with both print and online resources about drugs and alcohol. All materials are free to Washington State residents. Includes professional training materials, information for youth, parents, schools, and more.

Washington Recovery Help Line: 1-866-789-1511
Great for: 24-hour help and treatment referral for substance abuse, problem gambling, and mental health issues. (more Expand/Collapse)

The Washington Recovery Help Line is funded by the state Department of Social and Health Services' Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery and offers free, anonymous, and confidential crisis intervention and referral services for Washington State residents. Professional trained volunteers and staff are available 24/7 to provide emotional support and offer local treatment resources for substance abuse, problem gambling, and mental health, as well as other community services.

Seattle Area Helplines & Treatment Resources (ADAI)
Great for: Listing of local helplines, self-help and recovery resources, treatment organizations, libraries & clearinghouses, key agencies, UW resouces, and more. (more Expand/Collapse)

Compiled by ADAI Library & Clearinghouse staff at the University of Washington.

See also: Prevention/Treatment Resources

Trainings & Educational Opportunities

Training and Research Dissemination Events (ADAI)
Great for: Calendars of local, national, and international trainings and conferences, UW courses and graduate training, and more. (more Expand/Collapse)

Compiled by ADAI Library & Clearinghouse staff. Also includes resources from past ADAI events and other web sites related to education and training.

NAADAC: The Association for Addiction Professionals
Great for: Students of college/university or state government-approved training facilities are eligible to join NAADAC for professional networking, education, and licensing. (more Expand/Collapse)

NAADAC is an association for addiction counselors, educators, and other addiction-focused health care professionals in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. It focuses on providing education, clinical training, and certification for professionals as part of its mission to promote excellence in care for those with substance use disorders.

Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain Training (ADAI)
Great for: Students interested in learning about current research and best practices related to use and authorizing of medicinal cannabis.  (more Expand/Collapse)

Developed for health professionals, including physicians, nurses, osteopaths, pharmacists, and physician assistants, this training presents current information on the use of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of various conditions, with a focus on chronic pain. Developed by the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute at the UW with funding from the WA State Office of the Attorney General.

Other Recommended Resources

ADAI Library
Great for: Finding research and science related to the field of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and related behavioral issues; includes academic journal articles, books, and more. Take our training to learn how to use this tool! (more Expand/Collapse)

The ADAI Library collection represents the spectrum of research and scientific literature on alcohol and other drug use from all relevant disciplines, including medicine, nursing, social work, criminal justice, sociology and psychology. We're open to UW faculty, staff and students, as well as to college students and substance abuse professionals in the local area. Search the databases online or come into the library (Monday-Friday) for assistance from librarians.

PubMed (National Library of Medicine)
Great for: Serious searchers looking for the most up-to-date science and research on substance use and addiction (as well as other health/medicine topics). (more Expand/Collapse)

This is the database for the National Library of Medicine, and it comprises over 24 million citations. Searching this database can be complex, but the PubMed site includes many tutorials. Some items are offered in full-text for free from PubMed Central; others require a journal subscription to access. Your local academic or medical library can help you obtain restricted articles.

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