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Training Programs

  Addiction Psychiatry Residency Program
Director: Andrew Saxon, MD
This one-year residency program provides psychiatric physicians with advanced training in the skills, clinical judgment, and knowledge necessary to the practice of addiction psychiatry.
  Center of Excellence in Substance Abuse Treatment and Education
The CESATE fellowship at the Addictions Treatment Center (VA Puget Sound) provides one year of advanced training in a range of substance abuse treatments in an interdisciplinary setting.
  Postdoctoral Training, Molecular Pharmacology of Abused Drugs
Director: Charles Chavkin, PhD
This program in the Chavkin Lab uses molecular biology methods to study the effects of drugs on a variety of brain, genetic, and behavioral systems.
  Postdoctoral Fellowship in Alcohol Research
Director: Mary E. Larimer, PhD
This two-year fellowship provides training for individuals who wish to pursue a career in alcohol research, with an emphasis on the etiology and prevention of problem drinking and alcohol dependence.
  Courses on Addiction at the University of Washington
Compiled by the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute
View courses list here.
This This page lists University of Washington courses related to alcohol and drug abuse, including the new Conjoint 556 course, Addiction: Mechanisms, Prevention, Treatment (offered Autumn 2008).


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