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Research Centers

  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute
Director: Dennis M. Donovan, PhD.
ADAI was established in 1973 as an independent, multidisciplinary research center at the UW. Its mission is to advance research, policy, and practice in order to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities affected by alcohol and drug use and abuse.
  Center for Drug Addiction Research
Director: Charles Chavkin, PhD.
The Center for Drug Addiction Research brings together investigators in a variety of disciplines studying various actions of drugs of abuse (opiates, cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, MDMA).
  Center for the Study of Health & Risk Behaviors
Director: Mary Larimer, PhD
This research center is dedicated to cutting-edge, cultural-sensitive research and dissemination in which health and risk behaviors interact. It is focused on the etiology of risky behaviors and the development of empirically-based prevention and treatment for risk reduction.
  Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit
Director: Therese Grant, PhD.
This center conducts research on fetal alcohol and drug effects, disseminates information about those effects, provides consultation for persons thought to be affected by prenatal exposure, and provides training in human behavioral teratology. In 2013, FADU joined the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute.
  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Diagnostic & Prevention Network
Director: Susan Astley, PhD.
FAS DPN is a network of five WA State community-based clinics linked by the core clinical/research/training clinic at the UW Center on Human Development and Disability. Its mission is FASD prevention through screening, diagnosis, intervention, research, and training.
  Innovative Programs Research Group
Director: Denise Walker, PhD.
IPRG conducts studies designed to achieve a greater knowledge of the characteristics and needs of underserved populations. Their projects assess the effectiveness of innovative means for reducing barriers to the delivery of effective social and mental health services. IPRG's first director was Roger Roffman, DSW.
  Social Development Research Group
Director: Kevin Haggerty, PhD.
SDRG's research seeks to promote achievement and success as well as prevent and treat health and behavior problems among young people. Drug abuse, delinquency, risky sexual behavior, violence, and school dropout are among the problems addressed. Richard Catalano and David Hawkins were former directors.

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